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I created Melissa Harding Fitness to help other people positively change their lives and achieve long lasting, sustainable results with health and fitness and go on to lead longer, happier, healthier and more confident lives as a result 

I have worked with women of all ages, backgrounds, experience levels and starting points to transform not only their bodies and sky rocket their confidence levels and inner and outer strength as a result.

I’m here to prove that anything is possible, no matter when you start, and that it’s never too late to turn things around for the better and live your best life possible!

Sometimes all you need is the right action plan in place to ensure your success and get you going on the right track once and for all, as well as someone in your corner who cares and supports and backs you 100% and keeps you accountable along the way too, and that’s where I come in! 

Melissa Harding August 2016 (14)

I first got into fitness and working out in the gym over 14 years ago but I never really knew how I was supposed to eat or train for my goals and I ate a lot of junk food not knowing what else I should be eating, and so this meant that no matter how much I went to the gym, I still held on to stubborn fat especially around my stomach and hips.

I was doing mostly cardio and exercise classes and so that meant I wasn’t doing what was needed in the gym to actually build the muscle definition and curves that I wanted and have built now since changing my approach to training and nutrition completely.

It was only after university and competing in bikini fitness that changed everything for me because it was the first time I really learnt about effective training techniques and how to train and eat for my goals.

Alongside my studies in personal training, fitness became my absolute passion and have continued learning everything I can about health, training and nutrition ever since!

When I was younger I was diagnosed with M.E. and so I used to really struggle with feeling really tired and exhausted all the time. However, over the past few years I have learnt the importance of nutrition and exercise and how much more energy and vitality you can have when you eat well and take care of your body and your overall health and fitness too…

I used to suffer with low self-confidence and so building and transforming my body, gaining strength in the gym and taking great care of myself has improved not only my health, fitness and physical strength, but my mindset and having a positive, optimistic and more confident and empowered approach to other areas of my life too.

So that is why I created Melissa Harding Fitness; to help women discover the more effective, fun, rewarding and empowering way to achieve the body and life they want AND without having to waste ANY more time and energy going down the wrong path and feeling lost, defeated and unmotivated as a result.

I believe that getting the results you want, and enjoying the process and journey along the way, shouldn’t have to be so difficult, and when you know how and what to do to actually achieve that, the beauty is that it really isn’t so difficult and miserable anymore! And actually, it all becomes such a fun, rewarding and empowering journey for us to be on instead! 

Melissa Harding Fitness

I have spent so many years of my life already wasting my time in the gym doing a lot of cardio and gym classes but just wasn’t seeing any progress because the type of workouts I was doing weren’t right for my goals, and especially without knowing what I should be doing, what I should be eating and how much to eat and what exercises to do etc, I just wasn’t getting anywhere, and knew something would have to change!

I started competing over 4 years ago in 2013 as a personal challenge to myself and for the first time ever learned how to really get in shape the right way once and for all and completely transformed my body! I also achieved what I never thought at the time would be possible by becoming a 1st Place Bikini Fitness Champion and 3-time British Finalist and proved that anything is possible no matter your starting point and have changed my whole life so much as a result of embarking on that first step and just simply getting started and deciding to make a change!

Because I have seen and continue to experience all the amazing positive benefits of taking charge of your health and fitness and learning how to eat and train in a healthy, sustainable and empowering way as a female, it has now also become my mission to help other women do the same too and to take charge of their health and their bodies so that they can feel great about themselves, be happy and confident and get to enjoy life to the VERY fullest which is exactly how I believe it should be!

I think if we only get one life, and time is short, then why not decide to take good care of the bodies and minds we have NOW so that rather than waste any more precious time that we can never get back feeling rubbish about ourselves and upset about the way we look everyday and constantly beating ourselves up in the mirror and letting it affect how we feel about ourselves.

Instead we can decide enough is enough and decide to make a change and start to focus on embracing every single day we have and having as much fun as possible and feeling AWESOME about ourselves and full of energy and health, happiness and confidence along the way!

This is what I believe a great health, fitness and nutrition action plan done the RIGHT way gives you, without having to starve yourself or be miserable, but quite the opposite and it should give you the energy and the vitality and empowerment to change your life, feel amazing and live life to the full, and that is exactly what I’d love for you to experience and discover working together on YOUR TRANSFORMATION of mind, body and self-confidence through health and fitness too! 

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  • UKBFF Bikini Fitness Champion
  • Three time UKBFF British Finalist
  • Fitness Personality Winner
  • Bodybuilding.com’s Fitness Competitor of the Year
  • 1st Place South Coast Championships
  • 2nd Place UK ONE
  • 3rd Place UK Nationals
  • 3rd Place East of England Championships


  • Bachelor of Sciences Degree from Loughborough University
  • REPS Level 3 Personal Trainer



Email address: melissaharding@hotmail.co.uk

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