Results and Testimonials

KATY H: “Right now I’m the happiest I have ever been. You’ve made me into a confident lady and I couldn’t be more grateful! You’re the best coach ever <3 xxxxxx”

“I never thought i’d be able to reach eating 215g of carbs every day! It’s so amazing as this time last year before I started with you I was on stupidly little carbs and very unhappy, and now it’s like my metabolism is working again, I’m not scared of carbs anymore and just feel so happy about my metabolism and body finally working in unison again!”

HEATHER H: “I found the whole experience of coaching with Melissa Harding Fitness amazing! I loved knowing that I had Melissa there all the time and that I could contact her if I had any troubles. I loved the accountability of checking in each week and was always excited to get started with any changes to my plan. 

 I love what I have learnt about food and that food is fuel. I’ve loved a structured workout plan and watching myself increase in strength. I have learnt about weight training for sculpting your body and that I need to eat food for energy and that more calories is a good thing.

 I love how my body has changed. It’s become more muscular and conditioned which I love! I’m happier as I understand nutrition more, rather than binging and restricting which is what happened to me in the past. 

The quality of service from Melissa was excellent. I think Melissa is what all coaches should be like!  All her attributes make for a great coach and when I met her too this showed even more. 

She is very friendly and she was there every step of the way. I felt I became closer to her over the time as I was coached. I like how she gets to know clients personally as it makes the coach and client relationship even better. Everyone is an individual so they will have different issues.

 Before I started coaching, I had my unhappy parts, which for me were my legs and tummy but after I felt amazing and learnt if I am consistent my body will change.

 I’ve also noticed loads more energy since I starting coaching and I’m happier with how my body looks. My overall happiness has improved and I love feeling energised from the gym. My mindset has changed so much and I know the gym makes me feel good now, rather than going out of guilt. I have learnt I want fitness and health to be a huge part of my life and I have become more and more passionate about it. When I started to doubt myself, Melissa believed in me which always encouraged me. The changes in my body have made me feel more confident and happy.

 If I was to describe Melissa in one sentence I would describe her as friendly, caring, happy and encouraging 🙂 

Thank you so much for everything Melissa!”

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Katy Hogg: “In 2012 I was very athletic, ate whatever I wanted and had a metabolism through the roof! Due to playing tennis 6 times a week and a ton of cardio I never really had much to my legs/bum even though I remember thinking back then that I had thunder thighs. My insecurities spiralled into an eating disorder that I developed in early 2014, it wasn’t until summer 2015 I recovered from this…

I’d say my main progress has been made since January last year. This is down to my coach @melissa_bikini fuelling me with the adequate nutrients and confidence. So 5 years on and I am now mentally and physically stronger ??”

LORNA L: “ I have made such a great transformation, and look the best I ever ever have done!! And I did this all being healthy AND a vegetarian which I’m so happy about. So many girls on YouTube say how they are tired, and hungry, and hormonal etc etc but I just don’t feel that and I think that’s been your secret master plan all along!

I’ve not felt starved or deprived at all!

Thanks so much for making my first ever prep so smooth and manageable!”

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TSATSKA: “I want to let you know how brilliant you’ve been! Every time you have been so motivating, positive and encouraging! And everything you have said has been right and has worked so I am super happy! Thank you!”



LORNA L:  “I feel so lucky that I randomly found you one day and now have you as my coach. Your approach to it has been a healthy one and I can see you want people to achieve their goal by being safe and healthy. You have made it so easy for me so far and I have been able to fit it in with my life and really enjoy it.  I have curves, and actually, since doing this prep, I’m starting to love them!!”


ROSIE R:Melissa is incredible, knowledgeable and one of the loveliest people I have had the chance to work with.

She has motivated me, pushed me, challenged me and provided me with so much information throughout my prep for my first show and I couldn’t have imagined having anyone better to coach me.. Melissa is my motivation!

I couldn’t have done it without her continued support and advice, even when I’ve doubted myself she has been there and pushed me forward! Not only a coach, but a friend.


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JULIE M: “Melissa is a fantastic coach, she is very supportive and gives great advice. I know that she will help me continue to reach my goals and I’m so lucky that I’ve made a lovely friend too!

Thank you Melissa xxx”

HEATHER H: Melissa has helped me focus on lifting weights using correct techniques and showed me the importance of nutrition and how food is fuel for your body and that we need food to give us energy to train and get the best results”

RENATA: Melissa is a really lovely person and a very reliable coach. She’s been very supportive and I am so grateful for her support.
She is always caring and very professional. Since we’ve been working together I have achieved so much more than I could have even imagined!
I cannot thank Melissa enough for everything she has done for me! I am so happy that I decided to ask her to become my coach!

Thank you very much Melissa :)”


IMAD R: “Melissa is a very friendly, detailed and very knowledgeable and passionate Fitness & Nutrition expert. Her professional advice improved my well-being, fitness and strength very quickly and efficiently with an incredible outcome in such a short time. After 1 month I had results I never had when compared to going to the gym for YEARS!!”


RENATA H:  I am so so grateful to have you as my coach as you have achieved a lot and it is a big honour that you are supporting me. Thank you for all of your advice and all of your effort already, I cannot thank you enough :)”

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