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Melissa Harding FitnessOnline Coaching For Women

My goal is to help you achieve your fitness, weight loss, muscle building and body sculpting goals, so you can feel healthier, happier & more confident and feel amazing from the inside out! 

As a woman how you feel about yourself when you wake up each day and well how you take care of yourself and your body, mindset, nutrition and health impacts everything else you do. So, I want to show you how incredible you can feel in your day to day lives, so you can live your life to the FULL, and feel happy, healthy and confident every day because of this! 

As your coach and mentor, I’m here to help and support you by giving you everything you need to SUCCEED with your fitness and body goals and I’ll also be with you to keep you on track and accountable every step of the way.

And as we work together to achieve YOUR best body and best self, whatever that looks like and feels like to you

  • WITHOUT having to starve yourself!!
  • WITHOUT all the fad diets and workout regimes that don’t work for you and just make you miserable and without the results you truly want 

It honestly doesn’t need to be that way and I’ve gone through it all myself and figured what works and what doesn’t so you don’t have to and can still get the results you want….no more stress, worry or overwhelm with all the huge minefield of mis-information about fitness, weight loss and muscle building out there on the internet and in the media.

Finally discover and be given the right plan of action for you and get achievable and sustainable results for life…and so you can feel AMAZING from the inside out and excel at and feel more confident and empowered in all the other areas of your business, personal, social and family life as a result too!

Available in 16 or 24 week initial coaching packages with weekly checkins, accountability and full support, as well as ongoing adjustments to your plans to ensure you get results and are always set up for exactly what you need to achieve for your goals every step of the way.

With each package, all of your training and nutrition plans are completely tailored to you

Whether your goal is WEIGHT LOSS, MUSCLE BUILDING, or BODY SCULPTING or a combination of all three, I’m here to help and give you everything you need to succeed once and for all and have a proven track record of amazing transformations with all my online clients:- 

  • Tailored workout and training plans
  • Personalised nutrition and meal plans or flexible dieting plans including calculation of target macros required to achieve your goals
  • Ongoing 1:1 coaching and support
  • Weekly progress check ins 
  • Weekly accountability
  • Tweaks and adjustments to your plans as necessary to prevent plateaus and keep you progressing continuously throughout 

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