16 Weeks 1:1 Online Coaching



16 weeks of 1:1 online coaching with weekly checkins and support (£180 per month)

When you sign up for this package you will receive a welcome email with a consultation form and food diary to complete, as well as your before pictures, to allow me to use this information about you, your goals and your individual preferences, to create and send you your new personalised training, nutrition and supplementation plans.

This package includes all of your tailored and personalised plans plus weekly checkins and support, as well as ongoing adjustments to your plans to ensure you get you get results and you are always set up for exactly what you need to achieve for your goals every step of the way.

Below is a further breakdown of what you will receive with online coaching and all with the purpose of transforming your health, your body and your confidence to get you feeling amazing, achieve your goals and improve your life for the better:-

  • Initial consultation to find out all about you and what you want to achieve from working together, alongside your before photos and stats assessment and food diary so I can use all of this to go and create your initial training and nutrition plans to get you set up and started on your new journey
  • Tailored training plans for your goals and your background/training experience and weekly schedule so that you can fit your training around you and will be set up for what you want to achieve and work on for your body and fitness goals
  • Explanation of sets, reps, tempo, rest periods for all of your exercises so you get the most out of each training session and improve your strength and physique over time
  • Tailored cardio and abs plans (if cardio is applicable for your goal based on your consultation and before photos, measurements and starting point) so that you are only doing the cardio needed for your goal, if any is needed at all for you so you can save your energy for your weight training as well as the other activities in your life, rather than spending time doing cardio that could actually be detrimental to your goals e.g. curves and muscle building.
  • Cardio will also be adjusted on a week to week basis if need be depending on your progress e.g. progressed or regressed as necessary, so you are always only doing what is best for you and your goals.
  • Tailored nutrition and meal plans including calculation of initial target macros required to achieve your goal so flexible dieting is an option so you can eat what you want within daily targets, as well as me creating tailored meal plans for you to follow each day if that is preferable to you, and adjusting these each week based on your progress each week, so you can make your nutrition plan sustainable and fit your lifestyle and individual preferences whether that is to have a meal plan or more flexible approach
  • Your nutrition and macros will also be adjusted on a week to week basis depending on your progress and this is what will keep you moving in the right direction for your goals, without the headache or worry of trying to manage your diet on your own and worrying what to eat and how much and when etc. I always aim to set up your nutrition so you enjoy it and have the best energy each day while still giving your body the fuel and what it needs to give you the best results of weight loss and muscle building without starving yourself, so this is something that is enjoyable and sustainable long term for you.
  • Supplementation plans e.g. utilising vitamins and minerals, as well as supplements like whey protein, creatine and branched chain amino acids (BCAAS) to support your goals and supplement your training and nutrition plan.
  • All supplements are optional but will be chosen and recommended to you to be only those that support your health and are essential so you can avoid any confusion about all the millions of supplements out there and only take the few that are going to help you perform and feel your best each day. 
  • Weekly progress check-ins with me online via email so that you can stay motivated and accountable throughout and I can keep an eye on your progress and that you are on track each week and make any changes to your plans if need be to keep things moving in the right direction
  • Ongoing coaching and support and access to me as your coach via weekly check in emails so I will be with you every step of the way as needed to support you and be there for you and cheering you on in achieving your goals
  • Weekly accountability to keep you on track and motivated by you knowing you will be checking in with me every week, this is a big part of what has given my clients such great success and consistency from having me as their coach and keeping them accountable to someone along the way.
  • Tweaks and adjustments to your plans as necessary so that you can prevent plateaus and keep you moving forwards. This is another key important factor to your long term success and is the reason why my clients succeed with me when they have failed time and time again on their own or with other training plans and diets in the past

If you have any further questions about anything at all before you start please don’t hesitate to get in touch at melissaharding@hotmail.co.uk 


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